Kinkatsu Dictionary


Mushrooms, comprised of approximately 90% water, are very low in calories, containing only 20 kilocalories per 100g. With a rich flavor and pleasant chewy texture, they provide a feeling of satisfaction and fill your stomach, while also being healthy.

An enduring full stomach feeling through their great chewy texture and filling quality

Mushrooms are low in calories, containing approximately 20 kilocalories per 100g, so you can eat plenty of them worry free. The amount of calories in one cup of rice is equivalent to approximately 15 packs of mushrooms. In addition, they also feature a crunchy, chewy texture, making it easy to obtain a feeling of fullness through the increased chewing frequency. Their abundant dietary fiber also helps keep your stomach full, making them ideal for dieting. By incorporating mushrooms into your everyday meals, it’s possible to keep up healthy eating habits with little to no effort.

Mushrooms’ "Low-calorie" shows results as part of mushrooms’ efficacy