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60th HOKTO

Cultivating Happiness

As we embrace our 60th year at Hokuto Group, our passion burns brighter than ever. United as one, we ardently wish to fulfill everyone's desire to relish delicious food daily and live each day with vitality.
Encountering mushrooms, we've been privileged to spread their delightful and wholesome bounty as a culinary culture, enriching diets and nourishing lives—this joy we hold dear.
As cultivators and innovators, we deliver freshness, safety, and security, as no one knows the allure of mushrooms better. Believing in the untapped potential within each of us, we let our ideas soar, strengthening our resolve for new challenges.
We aim to claim more moments at the dining table, to extend the umbrella of health, to create and nurture times of happiness.
And so, we grow the circle of smiles.
To our homes, to the world, the Hokuto Group vows to continue cultivating the spores of happiness named health, nurturing and treasuring the seeds of joy for the future.

Company Policy: “The Five Satisfactions” Consumer Satisfaction Client Satisfaction Employee Satisfaction Shareholder Satisfaction Community Satisfaction

“Providing satisfaction for everyone with a connection to Hokuto.
That is the first step towards creating a bright, happy future.”

“With the Five Satisfactions as our company policy,
we continually strive to satisfy all those with a connection to Hokuto.
We treasure each and every connection with clients and shareholders,
employees, community members and, needless to say, our consumers, and create more and more smiling faces.
This is the first step towards the future we are aiming for.”