Hokuto’s Kinoko (Mushrooms)

Fresh Donko Shiitake

About Fresh Donko

Although donko is well known in its dried form, you can enjoy that same donko taste without the need for rehydrating, thanks to Fresh Donko.

About Fresh Donko

Fresh Donko Features

Deeply acquainted with shiitake, we have selectively breed it to have sensational flavor.
A meaty, juicy texture like you have never tasted before

The potential when there is no comprising on quality

  • "First-picked" means concentrated flavor. Shipping only the first batch of mushrooms with delicious flavor from cap to stem.
  • Flavors seep into the crevices of the cap or "flavor paths" and make cooking more savory.
  • Meaty and sumptuously filling. The instant you take a bite, you will be met with a gratifying texture that will surpass that of any shiitake you have had before.
  • If you compare the first and second batches, the synergy of guanylic acid and glutamic acid means that the umami intensity is nearly twice as much. Fresh Donko absorbs liquids such as dashi stock. The result is harmony with the donko’s umami flavor.
  • Actual survey of taste: "Which has better taste and consistency?" The result shows that Fresh Donko has better taste and texture. * According to a shiitake taste test (July 2017; 32 participants, male and female, ages 20-60)

Product Description

Use it in dishes that you are sure to find on a Japanese dinner table. Have it grilled, in hot pots, stewed, as tempura, or in mixed rice.
Whether grilled, steamed, sautéed, or boiled, our product has a meaty, substantial texture that receives high ratings from our customers.
Distinct for the way it complements meat, fish, and vegetables and absorbs flavors.
Distributed in four sizes (M, L, XL, 150g bag)

XL Contains 3, L Contains 6, M Contains 6