Corporate Information

Corporate Profile

Trade Name

HOKUTO Corporation




381-0016 138-1 Minamihori, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture, JapanMAP


026-243-3111 (Main)


Masayoshi Mizuno


¥5.5 billion (Approx. US$50 million)

Consolidated Business Activities
  1. 1.
    Molding & sales of plastic products
  2. 2.
    Production & sales of agricultural production materials & machines
  3. 3.
    Agricultural production & production guidance
  4. 4.
    Agricultural product processing & sales
  5. 5.
    All business incidental to the preceding items
Executive Team

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Consolidated Number of Employees
(Number with temporary employees included)

1,351 (4,088) (as of March 31, 2024)

Total Number of Issued Shares

33,359,040 (as of March 31, 2024)

Date of Account Settlement

March 31

Listed Financial Instruments Exchange

Tokyo Stock Exchange (Prime Market)

Number of Shareholders

52,813 (as of March 31, 2024)

Principal Financial Institutions

Hachijuni Bank, Ltd. Head Office Sales Department, Mizuho Bank Nagano Branch, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation Nagano Branch

Associated Companies

Hokuto Industry Corporation
Hokto Kinoko Company
Taiwan Hokuto Corporation
Hokto Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Arden Corporation

Organization Structure

(as of April 1, 2024)
Sales Division
First Sales Department
  • Hokkaido Sales Section
  • Miyagi Sales Section
  • Nagano Sales Section
Second Sales Department
  • Tokyo Sales Section One
  • Tokyo Sales Section Two
Third Sales Department
  • Nagoya Sales Section
  • Osaka Sales Section
Fourth Sales Department
  • Hiroshima Sales Section
  • Kagawa Sales Section
  • Kyushu Sales Section
Maketing & Sales Planning Section
Processed Foods Division
Processed Foods Department
  • Processed Food Sales Section
  • Product Development Section
Ecommerce Section
Research and Development Division
Research & Development Department
  • Research & Development Section
  • Quality Control Section
Cultivation Techniques Department
  • Mushroom Strain Management Section
  • Technology Development Section
Management Division
Accounting Department
  • Accounting Section
  • Business Management Section
General Affairs Department
  • General Affairs Section
Personnel Department
  • Personnel Section
Public Relations / Investor Relations Office
Business Planning Department
  • Corporate Planning Section
  • Overseas Planning Section
  • Overseas Sales Section
  • Overseas Managemet Section
Audit Department
President’s Office
Production Division
First Production Department
  • Akanuma Mushroom Center
  • Koshoku Mushroom Center
  • Aokijima Mushroom Center
  • Omachi First Mushroom Center
  • Omachi Second Mushroom Center
Second Production Department
  • Ueda First Mushroom Center
  • Ueda Second Mushroom Center
  • Komoro Mushroom Center
  • Saku First Mushroom Center
  • Saku Second Mushroom Center
Third Production Department
  • Shizuoka First Mushroom Center
  • Shizuoka Second Mushroom Center
  • Mie First Mushroom Center
  • Mie Second Mushroom Center
Fourth Production Department
  • Tomakomai First Mushroom Center
  • Tomakomai Second Mushroom Center
  • Tomakomai Third Mushroom Center
Fifth Production Department
  • Miyagi Mushroom Center
  • Niigata First Mushroom Center
  • Niigata Second Mushroom Center
  • Niigata Third Mushroom Center
  • Toyama Mushroom Center
Sixth Production Department
  • Kagawa First Mushroom Center
  • Kagawa Second Mushroom Center
  • Kagawa Third Mushroom Center
  • Hiroshima First Mushroom Center
  • Hiroshima Second Mushroom Center
Seventh Production Department
  • Yame First Mushroom Center
  • Yame Second Mushroom Center
  • Hirokawa Mushroom Center
  • Yame-higashi Mushroom Center
  • Kurogi Mushroom Center
  • Jojima Mushroom Center