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Providing a delicious,
healthy “mushroom dietary culture”
in Japan and the world.

Providing a delicious, healthy “mushroom dietary culture” in Japan and the world.

Thanks to your support, in 2014, Hokuto celebrated our 50-year anniversary. Founded in 1964 as a dealer of food packaging materials, we have grown into Japan’s only comprehensive mushroom corporate group, engaged in the research & development, production, and sales of mushrooms.
ealth consciousness is increasing both within Japan and overseas, and the consumption of fungi is now widely accepted as being helpful in building a healthy body. Thus, it can be said that the demand for mushrooms is growing more and more. Hokuto has established a system for the reliable delivery of high quality mushrooms from production centers located near to consumers. Hokuto is also expanding its overseas operations, with bases currently established in America, Taiwan, and Malaysia. Next, we plan to focus effort on market research aimed at sales in Europe and China.

We will respond to market needs in countries all over the world, including Japan, through the proposal of original Hokuto ideas, with a desire to delight ever more customers. To achieve this, we will continue creating and expanding our delicious, healthy “mushroom dietary culture” from a global perspective, working together hand-in-hand towards the future.

Masayoshi Mizuno, President and Representative Director