Corporate Information

Hokuto’s CI

CI Concept

CI is an abbreviation of “corporate identity,” which refers to the mindset reform and common awareness of all employees.
We make the meaning of our company’s existence within society clear through branding, and promote CI activities in order for each employee to perform their job with a strong awareness. By attaching our brand mark to goods, employees’ responsibility towards our products is made clearer while at the same time strengthening our connection with customers, listening to their voices while aiming to create a safe, worryfree dietary culture. We will continue to produce mushrooms based on thorough quality control, while contributing to the realization of a health-promoting rich dietary culture.

About the Brand Mark

Hokuto’s Brand Mark
  • 1. A mushroom symbol was adopted as the “T” in the logotype “HOKTO”, so that Hokuto would be instantly recognized as a specialized mushroom company, by people of all ages.

  • 2. A star was incorporated into the mushroom cap symbolizing the meaning of the name “Hokuto”, as a signpost to what the company should be.

  • 3. A color scheme based on the appetite arousing colors of red (Hokuto mature red) and green (Hokuto mature green) was adopted as our brand coloring to represent the enjoyment of making and eating food, as a food company.
    A dignified and relaxed color tone was chosen to reflect our standing as an industryleading company.