Hokuto’s Kinoko (Mushrooms)


An all-rounder featuring a wonderful chewy texture

Top quality eryngii mushrooms produced using Hokuto’s proprietary cultivation techniques and mushroom strains.
Not only do eryngii allow you to enjoy various textures through different cutting methods, they have also been confirmed as being effective at stimulating the emission of cholesterol and preventing fatty liver.


Our most popular mushroom,
featuring a spongy texture and filling feeling that will leave you fully satisfied!

eryngii originated from Europe and North America.
Following research at Hokuto, we commenced full-blown cultivation and sales in 1995. Eryngii allow you to enjoy a nice spongy texture, occasionally likened to that of abalone, helping to make them our No.1 mushroom.

Ready for shipping in approximately 42 days.
Each and every mushroom is carefully produced.

Each day, approximately 49.7 tons of eryngii are cultivated at our mushroom production centers nationwide. They are carefully grown in an environment reproducing that of summer and autumn forests, and then shipped after a period of approximately 42 days.
Despite the large scale of our factories, we nurture each and every mushroom with care, utilizing our years of cultivation expertise, checking on their growth and listening to their voices in order to determine the timing for shipping.

Also effective against neutral fats!

Eryngii have attracted attention due to various reasons, including Shinshu University’s finding that they are effective against liver disorders.
Eryngii are by nature a low-calorie food, however, in recent years they have been recognized as being effective at moderating the absorption of neutral fats, once again bringing them into the spotlight both in Japan and overseas.

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Product Introduction

Eryngii is a mushroom that allows the enjoyment of various food textures, according to the way it is cut.
Dicing, cutting into round slices, cutting into vertical slices, etc. Please try your preferred preparation method.
In addition, the stems are thick and quite sturdy, making them easy to cook with.
Eryngii posses a sweet mild flavor, so they go well together with a variety of ingredients including oils, meats and fish, making them a highly satisfying mushroom.
Net 100 g per pack.

Eringi (King Trumpet)

Cooking Tips

●The flavor can be slightly transformed by changing the cutting style (round slices, dicing, etc.)
●They go well with oils, making them great for stirfries and ajillo dishes etc.
●The stems are thick, so you can easily bulk up a meal by cutting them into large pieces.

Eringi (King Trumpet)