Kinkatsu Dictionary

Kinkatsu through Mushrooms
Kinkatsu through MushroomsRefers to the habit of incorporating mushrooms into daily meals, for beauty and health.
B Vitamins
B VitaminsA group of vitamins that act to metabolize fats and help provide beautiful skin and relief from fatigue.
PotassiumPotassium acts to stimulate the emission of excess sodium (salt), and lower blood pressure.
OrnithineAlso known as a “combustion amino acid”, ornithine assists with liver function and the burning of fats.
Beta Glucans
Beta GlucansBeta glucans are known for their immunity activating function, which elevates the body’s ability to protect itself.
Dietary Fiber
Dietary FiberDietary fiber shows various effects, including the relief of constipation, the control of sudden rises in blood sugar levels, and the absorption and subsequent emission of excess fats from the body.
Vitamin D
Vitamin DA vitamin that increases our calcium absorption rate. Also acts to strengthen bones.
GABAA neurotransmitter gathering attention for its anti-stress function that brings about a relaxed state.
Low-calorieMushrooms are low-calorie foods, containing approximately 20 kilocalories per 100g. They also have a rich taste and texture, making them a diet ally.
Lubricating Nutrients
Lubricating NutrientsRefers to the vitamins and minerals that are indispensable in the metabolism and support of the big three nutrients.
Practical Kinkatsu Program
Practical Kinkatsu ProgramA program supervised by Dr. Kyoko Honda, designed to review your kinkatsu in accordance with your daily lifestyle.