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Ornithine, which aids liver operation, helps prevent hangovers and is effective in relieving fatigue. It also acts to burn fat, and is therefore also known as a “combustion amino acid”. A dependable component with a diet effect.

A Powerful Ally for the Prevention of Hangovers

Ornithine is an amino acid that aids liver function. It supports liver metabolism and detoxication, and therefore displays efficacy especially when consuming alcohol, acting to help prevent hangovers. Moreover, ornithine stimulates the secretion of growth hormone. The secretion of growth hormone raises metabolism, causing the various organs within our bodies to work more vigorously, in turn giving our bodies more energy. Ornithine is also effective in breaking down ammonia, the source of fatigue. Through the intake of ornithine, energy production becomes smoother and it becomes possible to obtain an energetic, untiring body.

Gives Results for Beautiful Skin Too!

Ornithine acts to elevate cell renewal, supporting skin cell turnover. When taken in conjunction with the abundant vitamin B2 in mushrooms, a double-effect is displayed. Skin condition is improved, supporting the development of healthy, glossy skin.

The Amount of Ornithine in Mushrooms is 5 - 7 Times that of Clams!

Clams are well known for their high levels of ornithine, but mushrooms contain levels 5 - 7 times higher than that of clams. Compared with clams’ ornithine content (10 - 15 mg/100 g), bunashimeji mushrooms contain 140 mg/100 g and bunapi 110 mg/100 g (Hokuto data). Therefore, we recommend the conscious consumption of mushrooms for the intake of ornithine.

Ornithine Recommended Daily Intake
Ornithine Laboratory

Ornithine Recommended Daily Intake Males 400 - 800 mg Females 400 - 800 mg

Mushrooms’ ornithine shows results as part of mushrooms’ efficacy