Kinkatsu Dictionary


GABA refers to gamma-aminobutyric acid. In recent years GABA has garnered attention as a neurotransmitter possessing an anti-stress function that acts to curb the excess secretion of stimulating neurotransmitters such as dopamine, resulting in a state of relaxation. Apart from mushrooms, other well-known foods containing large amounts of GABA include sprouted brown rice and tomatoes.

Reduces irritation and provides a relaxing effect

GABA possesses a secretion suppression effect on adrenalin that is released in the brain during excited states induced by stress or exercise. This produces a relaxation effect by curbing irritation or nervousness. There are many pleasing results, such as falling asleep easier, deeper sleep, and the prevention of immune system degradation.

Mushrooms are a wonderful source of GABA!

In fact, it’s understood that GABA existing within our bodies can also be obtained through foods. And the best food for this is the mushroom. Bunashimeji and bunapi contain particularly high amounts. 100g of dried bunapi contains 0.58g, and bunashimeji 0.34g. Mushrooms not only contain vitamins and minerals, but they are also full of GABA. Keeping a reserve stock of mushrooms can help defend against the adverse effects of stress on a daily basis: just add them to a meal when you're feeling stressed. So how about it?

Mushrooms’ GABA shows results as part of mushrooms’ efficacy