Kinkatsu Dictionary

Vitamin D

It is said that calcium is the most typical nutrient that modern-day people tend to be deficient in. Vitamin D helps to increase its absorption rate by promoting absorption from the bowels and kidneys, strengthening bones.

Essential for children’s growth and preventing osteoporosis!

Calcium is an essential nutrient for growing children. It is indispensable for bone health, but its absorption rate is very low, and even through conscious consumption it remains difficult to absorb into the body. Vitamin D, found in abundance within mushrooms, promotes that absorption and therefore assists with various functions such as the maintenance of healthy bones, muscle development, and immune cell activation. Although the proactive intake of calcium and vitamin D is desirable during the peak bone-growth period leading up to 20 years of age, their continued intake into old age also helps slow the loss of bone mass, allowing for prolonged bone health.

Raise your calcium absorption amount through continued kinkatsu!

Vitamin D is synthesized by our bodies through contact with sunlight, but when attempting to obtain it from foods, such as mushrooms or fish, only very limited selections are useful. Vitamin D is found in abundance especially within maitake, thus continued kinkatsu helps raise its intake, as well as that of calcium, which tends to be insufficient. For example, by combining calcium-rich foods such as milk and yoghurt with vitamin D-rich mushrooms, efficient calcium intake can be achieved.

Mushrooms’ vitamin D shows results as part of mushrooms’ efficacy