Kinkatsu Dictionary

Kinkatsu through mushroomsh1

“Kinkatsu through mushrooms” refers to the lifestyle habit of incorporating mushrooms into meals every day. “Kin” can mean both mushroom and fungus in Japanese, representing the fact that mushrooms are the only ingredient in which you eat fungus itself. They are the king of all ingredients fit for kinkatsu. By eating mushrooms each day, you are helping building a beautiful, healthy body.

Building a Beautiful, Healthy Body with the Power of Mushrooms

By incorporating mushrooms into one or more of your meals each day, you can expect a range of results. For example, the large amount of dietary fiber within mushrooms helps relieve constipation and is good for the intestinal environment, making it effective in the creation of healthy bowels, said to be the cornerstone of overall health and beauty. As you can now eat without concern over constipation, your dreams of a stress-free “eating diet” will come true. Moreover, the abundant B vitamins within mushrooms support skin cell turnover, contributing to beautiful skin. They also raise the body’s metabolism, so you can obtain great skin while dieting. There are many other components within mushrooms that will delight your body, such as potassium (effective against swelling and high blood pressure), ornithine (helpful in preventing hangovers), GABA (effective in reducing stress) and beta glucans (provide immunity support). By keeping a reserve stock of mushrooms and simply adding them to any dish, it’s easy to start “Kinkatsu through mushrooms”.

“Kinkatsu through mushrooms” shows results as part of mushrooms’ efficacy