Hokuto’s Kinoko (Mushrooms)


Fleshy with an amazing chewy texture! Whole maitake

Hokuto’s maitake are harvested and sold in whole clumps, just as they are found in nature.
Following harvesting they are packed in their entirety, ensuring their freshness and prolonging shelf life. Maitake are also fleshy with a pleasant chewy texture.

Maitake (Hen of the Woods)

Fleshy and full of flavor!

Maitake have long being highly valued in Japan for their great flavor. Their deliciousness and nice chewy texture means they can be used in a variety of Japanese, Chinese and Western dishes.
Since sales commenced we have continued selective breeding, and in recent years, we have been manufacturing and selling tasty breeds with even fleshier caps.

Packed and shipped in whole clumps!
That’s what makes them delicious.

Each day, approximately 37.7 tons of maitake are cultivated at our mushroom production centers nationwide.
They are carefully grown under strict control standards, and then shipped after a period of approximately 35 days.
Once nurtured to shipping size, maitake are harvested, packed, and shipped as whole clumps, allowing us to deliver them to you in the freshest condition possible.

Packed full of vitamin D and dietary fiber

Mushrooms tend to be thought of as low in nutritional value due to their low-calorie healthy image, but they actually contain an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, also referred to as the 6th nutrient.
Maitake contain large amounts of vitamin D, which assists with the absorption of calcium, indispensable for the creation of healthy teeth and bones. In addition, out of all of Hokuto’s mushrooms maitake contain the highest amount of dietary fiber, supporting a healthy body.

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Product Introduction

Maitake posses strong umami and aroma, making them an ingredient highly compatible with various dishes, from stir-fries to soups and deep-fried foods such as tempura. In order to enjoy their great taste and texture, breaking them into large chunks for cooking is recommended.
Hokuto’s maitake can conveniently be taken straight from the pack, without washing, and separated by hand before cooking.
Net 100g per pack. Non-tray packaging.

Maitake (Hen of the Woods)

Cooking Tips

●Maitake have good affinity with oil and feature a great chewy texture, making them wonderful in stir-fries.
●When cooked together with meat, enzymes act to soften the meat.
●They have plenty of umami components and a strong aroma, making them great for broths.

Maitake (Hen of the Woods)