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Highly advanced culture technology and comprehensive production
management setup ensure stable supply. Fresh mushrooms are
delivered to your tables from factories in consuming areas.

Based on new varieties developed by our Mushroom General Research Institute, we produce mushrooms using highly advanced culture technology and under a comprehensive production management setup. These mushrooms are shipped from 31 factories within 19 nationwide Kinoko (Mushroom) Centers to ensure stable supply of high-quality mushrooms. HOKUTO is Japan's No. 1 producer of mushrooms and therefore consumers place a great deal of trust in our products.

Stable supply of high-quality mushrooms backed by highly advanced culture technology and strict production management

supply of high-quality mushrooms

Demand for mushrooms has been increasing strongly year on year as they gain greater recognition as safe, low-calorie health foods. Mushrooms go well with any cuisine -- Japanese, Western or Chinese. The domestic market for mushrooms is currently worth approximately ¥ 300 billion. Our production division produces mushrooms based on new varieties developed by the Mushroom General Research Institute. Backed by HOKUTO’s highly advanced culture technology and complete production management, mushrooms are produced in the cleanest possible automated environment. HOKUTO’s mushroom output ranks No. 1 in Japan. HOKUTO will continue to produce high-quality mushrooms while stepping up R&D into health foods that offer pharmacological effects - a field where strong growth is expected in the years to come.

supply of high-quality mushrooms   supply of high-quality mushrooms

Kinoko Centers in 19 locations across Japan. Production close to consumer areas ensures fresh deliveries to your tables.

Kinoko Centers Map

In order make the freshest mushrooms readily available to consumers, HOKUTO is earnestly maintaining and expanding its network of production bases located in proximity to major consuming areas across Japan. Currently the company operates large-scale mushroom culture centers in Hokkaido, Miyagi, Nagano, Niigata, Toyama, Shizuoka, Hiroshima, Kagawa and Fukuoka prefectures. These facilities mainly produce Bunashimeji, Eryngii, Maitake and Bunapi mushrooms. Our products, made under the strictest quality controls, are supplied on a stable basis year round to consumer dining tables through markets and mass sales outlets.