We encourage the general public to join us in our endeavors to advance mushroom culture.
Perhaps you've come upon an extremely tasty mushroom.
Or found a variety you've never seen before. We welcome your input, so feel free to contact us and let us know about your finding.


Engaging in the development of tasty mushrooms, HOKUTO Corporation's Mushroom General Research Institute has created hit products such as Eryngii, Maitake, Bunashimeji and Bunapi.
In addition to the development of new mushroom varieties, the institute is currently tackling promising new research into mushrooms. A fine example of our recent achievements is the accumulation of scientific evidence concerning mushrooms' physiologically active functions In the years ahead as in the past, HOKUTO will continually strive to meet diverse consumer needs and contribute to improved dietary lifestyles through ongoing endeavors to develop healthier and tastier mushrooms.
The institute welcomes input from people around the world regarding tasty or unusual mushrooms as part of our endeavors to further vitalize and expand the scope of its research activities.
We appreciate your interest and input.